leave all polictial and religious veiws at the door and come in with an open mind ot learn and fill a space in a beautiful way.

if your a new artist

  Everyone thinks their work is the best but in an art market you need to know where you stand. first be realistic as toward your value of your work. If you only have been an artist for a short time, you cannot expect to ask the same price as someone who has been at it for 20 or so years.

  Have your portifilo ready. Body of work ready, resume ready. you only have about 30 seconds for a gallery to give you the time of day so be ready. Make the  appointment and drop off your soft copy of your portifilo. Keep the appointment. dress not as an artist but if you were actually looking for a job. galleries are not owned by artists they are owned by either businessmen or corporations. 

  One thing you might want to do is go ahead of time and scope out the gallery first to make sure that your work will fit into that market.  that means you go in as a customer to see how your treated, if they are very approchable and show you as much work as in the gallery possibe great you know that as an artist they are not going to leave you out as they talk to customers, or clients. If the gallery worker does not approach you or even acknowledge your presence that is a good sign that is the way they treat potentional buyers and that is how they will treat your work.  

know an artist

if you want to know an artist study his sketches, that is the closest you will ever get to understanding who what and where an artist is from and what he knows. the hand actually answers all questions, as toward what he knows.